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Since 2011, Bright Habitats has been changing the way people in Edmonton and the surrounding area experience their homes. Whether that means creating a spa-like winter escape in your bathroom or turning your backyard into a summertime sanctuary, we’ll create solutions that utilize the most out of your space.

Our founder, Chris, has a passion for problem solving. He built Bright Habitats on the same values he uses to build custom spaces in homes: with honesty, integrity, and a passion for going above and beyond.

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FAQ Categories

Designing a multifunctional room requires thoughtful planning to ensure both functionalities are accommodated without compromising comfort or productivity. Utilizing convertible furniture, implementing smart storage solutions, delineating different zones within the room, and ensuring sufficient lighting and privacy for both functions are key considerations.

Creating a warm and cozy living space can be achieved through various design elements, including incorporating warm color palettes, adding soft textures like throw pillows or area rugs, introducing natural materials such as wood or stone, and optimizing lighting to create a welcoming ambiance.

Selecting flooring materials should consider factors like lifestyle, household traffic, and maintenance requirements. Families with pets might opt for scratch-resistant or waterproof flooring, while those seeking low-maintenance options could prefer easy-to-clean materials like laminate or vinyl. Additionally, individuals with allergies might lean towards flooring that doesn’t trap allergens, such as hardwood or tile.

Modern interior design trends often incorporate elements such as minimalistic designs, natural materials, smart home technology integration, biophilic design (bringing nature indoors), and sustainable practices. Experimenting with versatile furniture arrangements and using bold accents or textures to create focal points are also prevalent in contemporary interior design

Creating a cohesive lighting scheme involves considering the overall design and functionality of each space. Using a mix of lighting types (overhead, task, accent) with consistent colour temperatures and ensuring proper placement to highlight architectural features or focal points can help achieve a unified and balanced lighting scheme throughout the house. It is best to consult with Bright Habitats for your lighting needs.

Choosing the right flooring for different areas of the house depends on factors such as durability, aesthetics, and functionality. For high-traffic areas like the living room or kitchen, options like hardwood, laminate, or ceramic tiles are popular due to their durability. Carpeting might be ideal for bedrooms for added comfort, while vinyl or waterproof flooring can be suitable for bathrooms or laundry rooms due to their moisture resistance. Consult with Bright Habitats for your best flooring options.

Transforming a guest room involves creating a serene ambiance and providing essential amenities. Consideration should be given to comfortable bedding, adequate storage, thoughtful decor, and possibly incorporating a workspace or seating area to ensure guests feel welcome and at ease during their stay. Our professional team of interior designers works hard at making the most ambient and comfortable space for your guests!

When considering an indoor fireplace, factors such as the type of fireplace (wood-burning, gas, electric), location within the house, safety precautions, and compliance with building codes are crucial. Additionally, ensuring proper ventilation and maintenance requirements are essential for a safe and efficient fireplace installation. Your safety is guaranteed with professionals at Bright Habitats for your fire place instalments.

Successful interior design projects begin with a clear vision and understanding of your preferences and lifestyle. Elements such as color schemes, furniture arrangement, texture, and proportion play vital roles. It’s essential to create a cohesive design that reflects your personality while ensuring functionality and comfort within the space.

Achieving optimal lighting involves a combination of natural light utilization and strategic placement of artificial lighting. Techniques such as incorporating various types of fixtures (ambient, task, accent lights), maximizing natural light sources through window treatments, and using dimmers or smart lighting systems can significantly enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home’s lighting. Our professional team at Bright Habitats can assist you in planning the best way to get the most optimal lighting possible.

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